The Celtic OwlShort Introduction (for those in a hurry)

Welcome to the blog of the Celtic Owl.  The Celtic Owl is the alter ego for a faerie seer who dwells in the mountains of Western North Carolina and spends a lot of time with the so-called mythical beings called faeries (who really aren’t so mythical after all).

Long Rambling Introduction (for those with a bit more time to spare)

Hello. Please allow me to introduce myself. My given name is Celtic Owl. I hear you muttering to yourself. What type of name is Celtic Owl?  It is not really a proper name, is it?  Not like, say for instance, Mr. Douglas Fir or Mr. Woody Forest or simply Ron Parrotpants.  It does not really matter, for my name is Celtic Owl and Celtic Owl is me.

You  see, I am a sort of the alter ego for someone quite mysterious, someone who wishes to hide behind the curtain of anonymity. Perhaps he is a she . . . but he’s really a he.  What?  Oh, he’s waving at me, suggesting I’m giving out too much information already. Personally, I do not believe I am giving too much away. Why, my mysterious other self might be a famous celebrity, perhaps a famous actor or a rock star or maybe even a handsome sea pirate. Yes, that’s right, maybe my other self is a handsome sea pirate.  Or maybe just a middle-aged man sitting on the sofa with his small brindle dog.

What?  It’s not like that. I gave them other options besides a middle-aged fellow sitting on his couch. Should I also mention that you, or rather we, are married to a beautiful, loving woman who puts up with your grumpy moods?  No?  Well, fine.  If you notice, I did not even suggest to them that saying you are middle-aged is being kind . . . that restaurants want to give you the senior discount without even asking.

Oh, calm down . . . Fine, I will talk about who I am.  I am part of that ever so mysterious fellow sitting on the couch. You see, I am the fey part of him, the magic part that he lets out for brief walkabouts every so often, like on Halloween or on the other ancient Celtic holidays.  What am I exactly, you may be asking? Well, I am part human and part faery. We are otherwise known as the gentry, the invisible folk, mother’s blessing, the good neighbors, the sidhe, elves, gnomes, brownies, sprites, hobs, etc.

You should know that you have a piece of magic in you, also – a fey being inside of you who wants to be set free into the world and take you along for a wild ride.

I should describe my faery appearance to you so that the faery being within you will get to know me better.

[Ahem, please read this in a loud dramatic voice.]  The appearance of me, myself, Celtic Owl.  I am a tall fellow, but sometimes look short depending on my mood.  I have feathery white hair [thank heavens I do not take after my alter ego.]  What?  Oh, don’t be so sensitive, bald is beautiful, at least on some people. All right, calm down. Note that my other self is a grumpy fellow. Quickly moving on . . .

I hide my thick, handsome head of white feathery hair beneath a short gray top hat with a very wide green hat band. Tucked neatly into said hat band is a large, white owl feather. I guess that is where I get my name from, the white owl feather tucked into my hat band.  Beneath my charming gray top hat with said feather are two bushy, white feathery eyebrows. I know I have two eyebrows because I counted them. My eyebrows hover above my two brown eyes. Like my eyebrows, I also counted them to be sure. My eyebrows are almond-shaped with an upwards tilt, which sort of goes with my pointy ears. My eyes and ears are a type of faerie thing. Most faeries you might meet will have almond-shaped eyes and pointy ears.

On my chin, clinging for all it’s worth, is a closely-groomed feathery white beard. You may have noticed a sort of pattern going on with the white owl feather in my hatband, the white feathery eyebrows and chin beard. If you did, then I’m sorry I mentioned it.  I was just making sure you were paying attention.

I am clad in a long, gray frock coat with silver Celtic knots embroidered in the collar and sleeves. The silver buttons on my coat are imprinted with the face of the Green Man on each button.  Underneath my coat is a shiny green vest buttoned over a bright yellow shirt. Tucked snugly into my vest pocket is my silver pocket watch with its long silver chain. I am thankfully wearing pants, which are gray trousers tucked into black boots with sharp curly toes. The curly toes on my boots are a sort of faery fashion statement.

Remember I said there is a faery person tucked away inside of you? If you don’t remember me saying that, please pay more attention in the future.  The reason we are writing this . . . what do we call this thing we are doing?  Hey, sleeping fellow on the couch, what are we writing?  Oh, yes, a blog, thank you. Well, the mission of this blog, that is, if my faery self can get along with my human self long enough to get our point across . . . What?  I am getting to the point. The mission of this blog is to hopefully wake up the faery folk inside of you to help you (and me) become more in touch with the magic inside of us. Hopefully this magic within will help us draw closer to our Mother Earth and also to the other faery folk that are around us. These faery folk appear to be invisible to our eyes, but are really in plain sight if we know how to look for them. So those who wish to join us on our strange journey, welcome.

Yours truly (c/o my other self on the couch),

The Celtic Owl


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