A Brownie Couple

Ted, the Brownie, returned shortly after our first encounter, accompanied by his wife.  He told me his beautiful blonde wife’s name is Rosie Velvet.  “Like the president?” I asked, thinking Ted had said Roosevelt.

He laughed, “Nay, not Roosevelt, but Rosie Velvet, ’cause her first name is Rosie, and her skin is velvety soft as rose petals.”

Rosie giggled, looking up at me with her bright blue eyes twinkling. “Is he not a romantic rascal?” she inquired, leaning her forehead with her sun-filled blonde hair against Ted’s.

In contrast to Rosie, Ted’s hair is curly and coal black, but his eyes are the same light-filled blue as his wife’s.

With their foreheads pressed together and holding each other’s hands, they once again slowly faded from my view.


A Faerie Garden

I have been told by Ted, a Brownie, that there is a faerie garden at the same location where, in our world, there is only patchy grass. Ted assures me that our weekly mowing does not affect it, since it is two realms removed from our own.

“Wouldn’t it be a pleasant thing, though,” he suggests, “to let your patch of grass grow all wild and wooly, a sort of nature garden, if you will, for the insects and birds?”  Ted sighs, “But I know such things may not be possible in your realm.  Every lawn must be manicured and orderly. Oh well, perhaps when the last lawnmower sputters and dies, then there may be hope for a more untamed garden.”

With that, Ted tips his hat, and, with a broad smile, disappears into his own garden.