All Souls

All humans have a soul, as do all animals.  Every tree has a soul, as does every green thing from the most beautiful, fragrant flower to the most lowly unwanted weed.  Stones also have souls.  The most ancient memories are found in stones.

All of Creation has a soul, and all these souls work, play, swim, thrive and are born and die in the sea of God’s presence.  This presence of God is love.  Nothing in Creation can escape the presence of God.  Nothing in Creation can escape God’s love.


Where do the Faerie Folk Live?

Where do the Faerie Folk live?  Answer:  Everywhere . . . from remote forests and forgotten fields to within our human communities.

The Faerie Folk live in a dimension that runs parallel and is interwoven with our own.  Every day, we are in close proximity to each other.  We ignore the Faerie presence, just as they ignore ours. It is sort of an unspoken agreement we have between one another, between the Faerie and the Human.

This unspoken agreement may work for now, but this will change in the future, a future where we will need to work out our differences with the Faerie and learn to live in harmony with each other.  The time is quickly approaching when we will not only have to live in harmony with the Faerie, but also with Mother Earth and the rest of our cousins of Creation.

We are not alone.  The Faerie Folke live among us!

Friendly House Spirit

I would say every house has a house spirit of some sort. In older homes, the house spirit is more developed, more aware of herself.  You notice I said herself, as I believe most house spirits are female in nature, acting as a sort of benevolent den mother over the home – a loving grandmother who would bake cookies for you at the drop of a hat.  I am sure there are grandfatherly types of house spirits as well – I just have not encountered them as yet.

There are also a few malevolent house spirits out in the world. I know this because I grew up in a home inhabited by a malevolent female house spirit, who caused many problems for me during my childhood years.

For the most part, however, house spirits can be very kind and loving. I believe the nature or temperament of the house spirit derives from the history of the house. If, for much of the house’s existence, it was filled with love and light, then the house spirit will be motherly and welcoming. If the history of the house was filled with darkness and sorrow, then most likely (but not always), the house spirit will be dark and foreboding.

How does your house feel? If your house feels welcoming, keep filling it with light and love. If your house feels a little dark, try praying and smudging it with sage. Then fill it with lots of love and light. Hopefully that will brighten up your house spirit.

Your Hidden Roommates

Do you hear unusual or strange sounds in your home or office? If so, you might be dealing with a ghost.  On the other hand, the one haunting you may not actually be a ghost.  You may instead have faeries as your roommates!

Faerie folk can actually be good roommates. They can watch over you, your pets, and your house. If you think you may have faerie folk in your abode, as a peace offering, leave out overnight on your kitchen counter a piece of buttered bread or a bowl of cream or a glass of beer.

The faeries in your home don’t really need these things. It is just a traditional way of stating that you are open to the possibility of friendship with the faerie folk.  However, if you have cats or dogs who can reach your counter and might have a taste for bread or cream or beer, you may need to try another method of making faerie contact.  In that case, I suggest you just say out loud, “If there are any faeries living in my house, can we talk?”

Good luck on your possible faerie friendship!