Spring has come.  Traveling through the winter lands of snow and ice, it has come. By day, birds sing love songs from budded tree limbs. By night, peepers peep out their romantic intentions. Skeletal tree branches rejoice as their buds unfold into robes of leaves, covering their bare-limbed nakedness. Above in the blue sky, cloud ships unfurl their billowing sails as they swiftly fly across the sky, causing patterns of light and shadow to flow over the land.

Below the sky, I sit, watching light and shadow swirl over my yard to the hill above. The gentle spring wind murmurs within my ear, and, though I may feel separate within myself, in truth I am very much a part of everything happening around me.


Faerie Disguise

The Faerie Folk are the masters of disguise as they travel, work and live within the boundaries of our mundane world.  The bird sitting on a branch watching you, the squirrel scolding you from high up in a tree, the leaf scurrying quickly across your feet . . . any of these could be a Fair Folk in disguise.

The Faerie Folk love a good masquerade, or perhaps it is just that our eyes see only what our mind allows us to see.  If we can open our minds to the possibility of the existence of Fair Folk, then perhaps our eyes will finally see the truth behind that leaf moving quickly across our yard.

Faerie Time

In our human dimension, we have a sense of time – of past, present and future – as we move along in our life’s linear fashion.  In the Faerie dimension, there is also a sense of past, present or future, but in the Faerie lands, past, present and future are all happening at the same time.  I have been told that it is a matter of intent, that where you place your focus determines where you will end up, whether in the past, the present or the future.

There is also the legend of a possibility that, in the Faerie world, you can spend just a few hours, but upon returning to the human realm, you discover that a century or a few centuries have passed. Likewise, you can spend several years or even a lifetime in the Faerie lands, but upon returning to the human realm, you find only a few moments have passed.  Again, it is a matter of intent, of focus and which Faerie pathways you tread.

It is always helpful to have a good Faerie guide when traveling in the Faerie lands.