Faeries in the Wind

A small faery man laughingly greets me as I step outside my back door, “I see the house cabbage has decided to step out to face the sun.”

“It’s a little chilly outside, with the wind,” I weakly point out, trying to defend myself.

The faery man chuckles, “This wind is merely a babe compared to the winds coming later this winter.  While you tall folk brave the cold huddled inside your warm, cozy homes, we faerie folk will be outside in the worst of it – skating on the slippery ice, skipping lightly across the mounds of snow, holding our arms out trying to catch the freezing wind, and twirling round and round beneath the blizzard of falling snow.  We love to be outside in all kinds of weather.  Warm or cold, it does not matter to us!”

“You do spend some time indoors, don’t you?”

The faery man smiles.  “Of course we do, my silly friend.  ‘Tis grand to sit in front of a blazing hearth fire with your loved ones and a hot cup of chocolate, or something stronger, in your hand.”

With a smile, he gazes down at the shimmering stream journeying past at the bottom of our hill.  He gives me a friendly wave, “Still, we faeries do love all kinds of weather,” he calls back to me, as he wanders off to catch the wind.