Barefoot Walking on Mother Earth

Tom, the Brownie, tells me he stands over eight inches tall barefoot.

“It is true,” says Tom. “I am tall for a Brownie fella. I also love to walk upon Mother Earth with my bare feet. So does Deidre!” says Tom, gesturing towards his wife, who is standing next to him. Deidre smiles and nods, as does her friend, Greta, who is standing next to her.

“It is healing to walk upon our Mother Earth barefooted,” Tom claims. “Also,” he continues, “only by walking barefoot upon her can we truly sense what she is feeling. It is good to walk barefoot whether the day is sun-filled with a gentle breeze caressing the leaves on the trees, or a stormy day with banshee-shrieking winds crashing through the trees, breaking off their dead limbs and hurling them to the ground. It is good to experience all types of weather walking upon Mother Earth barefoot.”

Greta adds, “We are quite proud of you for walking barefoot all the way to your mailbox yesterday.”

“Thank you,” I reply, “but it was quite nerve-wracking trying to avoid all those sharp, pointed sticks and rocks lurking in the grass.”

“Sometimes it takes great courage to walk barefoot, and you were very brave,” Tom says with a big smile. Deidre and Greta blow me kisses, while Tom gives a cheery wave before disappearing.


Mother Earth 2017

Tom and his wife, Deirdre, a doll-sized brownie couple, stand beside the stream watching the other faerie folk play in its freezing waters. Shivering in the cold wind, I ask them, “Do you know what’s coming?”

Deirdre replies, “Do you ask this question because your new leaders do not believe in the suffering on Mother Earth?”  My frustration causes me to choke up.

“Worse weather,” responds Tom.  “More suffering for everyone.  Not just for humans, but for all of us.”  He pauses, “You know, we faerie folk pray for humanity to finally ‘get it’ – that you are not separate from Creation.  When will humans realize that you need Mother Earth as much as she needs you?  We are all connected to one another, and we need each other.  Even we faerie folk are connected to you humans and you to us.

“You must understand, every part of Creation is important from the smallest creature to the largest mountain.  It is all worth protecting, worth saving.  Everything put here on Mother Earth by the Mother – Father Creator has the right to exist.  Who is man to decide otherwise?

“You ask what is coming?  We believe Hope is coming.  We faerie folk believe, against all odds, that human hearts will suddenly wake up to Mother Earth’s suffering.  Then you will know we are all part of one another.  We are all brothers and sisters of Creation, basking in the love of God.”

Tom falls silent.  Then with a shrug, he adds, “I am a bit overheated.”  Gesturing to the freezing cold waters of the stream, he offers, “Want to go swimming with us?  We can all use a cooling off.”

I shake my head no and thank them for the talk.  Deirdre gives me a playful wave as I rush back to the warmth of my house, escaping the bite of the freezing wind.

A Summer’s Day in Winter

The gift of a pleasant summer’s day has come to us in winter.  In the distance, a neighbor’s heavy earth moving equipment goes suddenly, blessedly silent.  I can hear once again the songs of birds, roosters crowing, and the liquid churning of the spring below.

Soon, another neighbor runs what sounds like a gravel tossing machine down his long driveway, hidden behind the trees.  Just as birds have their colorful songs, and the stream has its own beautiful song, man also has his own song.  On this day, that song is the sound of rumbling, clacking, chain rattling, tree cutting, earth tearing machinery.

Why can’t we, for a time, put away our machines? If we don’t, the Earth may bring them to rest for us, for a time so long that our iron dragons (as the Faerie call them) will turn to rust and finally crumble into dust.  Perhaps then we will listen to the songs of Mother Earth.  Perhaps then we can create a new song of our own, a song so beautiful that even the birds will stop to listen and join with us in harmony.

What On Our Mother Earth is Happening

Earthquakes, flash floods, hurricanes, wild fires, and man’s acts of inhumanity toward others – what on our Mother Earth is going on?  Well, I guess most of us agree that something is going on. I humbly suggest that we are in the beginnings of great change. Perhaps years ago, these scary earth changes, with some exceptions, always seemed to be happening to someone else, somewhere else far away.  Now these extreme changes seem to be more and more directly happening to us or to our loved ones.

It is not just total strangers being affected anymore. It may or may not comfort you to know that we are not facing these earth changes alone, because all of our cousins of Creation are suffering right along with us.  The wonderful companion animals who live in our homes, as well as the birds of the air, wild animals of the fields, forests, lakes, rivers, streams, and oceans — all of the animals of our dear Mother Earth are suffering, too.  And it is not just us and the animals who are suffering. It is also the trees and all green things; even the very stones of the earth are caught up in this great change.

What can we do during this time of uncertainty? First of all, perhaps we should acknowledge that our world is not going to be the same as it was before. It is not going to be business as usual. I think also that the best thing we can do, in this time of great change and growing chaos, is to have hope for the future and do our best to be a positive force on Mother Earth. Perhaps it is time for us to learn, to the best of our ability, to take better care of Mother Earth, our loved ones, ourselves and even total strangers.

I also wanted to share with you a YouTube video that was forwarded to us by a friend of ours.  It is entitled Strange Sound in Ukraine.  Once you listen to this video, you will also see other YouTube links to other strange sounds that people have been recording.   [This video has since been removed.]

The Fair Folk suggest that many of the strange sounds that some areas of Mother Earth have been experiencing are actually Mother Earth calling out to the Creator and to her children for help. Eventually, more and more of these strange sounds will be heard by people all over the world. The Fair Folk say that there will come a time when all the people on earth will hear the sound of a great trumpet blast at the same time. That sound will be Mother and Father Creator responding to Mother Earth and giving humanity another warning to wake up. When this happens, human scientists will be asked by government leaders to help calm the human populations of earth by discrediting the blast, saying it is the earth shifting underground or providing some other scientific rationale that will try to distract people from its true spiritual nature. The Fair Folk hope that at this time, despite the rationale of  scientists and governments, many people will wake up and become nurturers, protectors and heroes for Mother Earth and all of her children.

First published 9/11/11 on our previous blog, but it still applies today.