Winter Storm

With the coming of a severe winter storm, human activity diminishes somewhat, giving our Mother Earth some much needed rest.

On the snow-covered hill behind our home, Faerie Folk sled down the icy hill on their beautiful, polished wooden sleds. Faster than the wind, they fly over the icy waters of the narrow creek, coming to rest safely on the other side with a whooshing spin of snow and ice.  Laughing, they drag their sleds back up the hill to do it all over again.

Some of the Faerie have created little snowmen and snow women, but with a special Faerie touch.  With their pointed ears and caps, the snow people look more like snow Faeries than snowmen.

There are also snow angels being made, and a good-natured snowball fight has begun.  A Faerie man is waving for my wife and me to join them – Faeries against humans.  I consider it, but with just the two of us and hundreds of them, we just might be buried beneath enthusiastically-thrown snowballs, so I politely decline.