Another Summer’s Day in Winter

“Strange weather we are having,” remarks the small Faerie man standing next to me on the bank, as we watch the sun-sparkling waters of the stream flow  past us.

“Strange indeed,” I agree.  Suddenly I have a vision of Grandmother Winter lying back upon a blanket, enjoying the feel of the sun’s warmth upon her face.  I tell my Faerie friend of that brief vision.

He chuckles.  “That does sound like the old girl.  Even though she be Grandmother Winter, she does still like the warmth of the sun to warm her old bones.  I wonder,” he muses, “if Summer is visiting us in Winter, will Winter pay us a visit in Summer?”

“I wondered that myself,” I tell him,  “when a group of visiting Sprites expressed the same question to my wife and me a couple of weeks earlier.”

The small man replies, “It is as if the weather cannot make up its mind about what it should be.  Should I be Winter, or should I be Summer, or both at the same time?”

He shakes his head.  “Still, we should not take an unexpected gift of sunshine for granted.  I am off with the missus to enjoy the remains of a sunny day.  And I hope you feel the warmth of the sun on your face this day.”  With a tip of his pointed hat, he disappears into the warm sunshine.

[Written during the summer-like days of December 2015.]