A Shiny Stone

A rainstorm can make a common stone shine like a beautiful gem accidentally dropped from a pirate’s treasure chest.  Sometimes such a sparkling stone will cry out to be picked up and admired, while other stones just want to be admired from afar.

Always ask a stone’s permission first before picking it up.  Stones can be quite unhappy if they are picked up when they just want to be left alone.  After you are done admiring the stone, please place it back on the earth in the exact same position where you found it.

If you become so enamored with a stone’s beauty that you wish to take it home, please first always ask the stone if it wants to come live with you.  Do not take the stone with you if you don’t get a really good, happy feeling about taking the stone.  When in doubt, put the stone back exactly where you found it.

Please remember to always treat every stone with respect, for stones are older than humanity.


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