Fairy Godmother

Sighing, the Faery woman remarked, “It does indeed break our hearts that today’s children can no longer see us as did the children of the past.  Did you know that, in the old days, many of the children’s invisible playmates were Faerie Folk?  Many were the days when the mothers and fathers were much too busy to pay any attention to their children.  It was we Faeries who tried to keep the children entertained, holding their loneliness at bay.  We acted as a sort of invisible nanny to them.”

The Faery woman paused, gathering her thoughts, “And I cannot, for the life of me, remember when the last time was when either I or any other of my kin were asked to welcome the birth of a child.  You know, in our role as Faerie Godmothers, we always bring three Faerie blessings to welcome a child to their new life on Mother Earth.  People once knew the old tradition – that it was always in their newborn’s best interest to invite three Faerie Godmothers to a new baby’s birth celebration.  This meant the child would receive nine wishes or blessings, which is always very helpful for a child starting out in life.”

The Faery woman grew silent as we watched the rain-swollen stream with its sun sparkling waters rush past us.  With a note of sadness in her voice, she continued, “Like the tumbling waters of this stream, nothing stays the same, but seems to pass us on by.”  Brightening once again, she smiled and added, “But who knows, perhaps one day mothers and fathers will remember the old tradition again and ask us Faerie Godmothers to bless their children.  We can only hope, for we do love blessing the little ones.”