Autumn Sleep

Beneath a rainy gray sky, the bright, rich Autumn colors of Mother Earth shimmer with their own inner Faerie light.  Within the damp grayness, a Maple tree bemoans the loss of even more golden leaves from her already thinning canopy.  With each gentle breeze, more of her trembling leaves are plucked from her branches to fall gently down to the carpet of gold surrounding her glistening trunk below.

A sudden strong gust of wind lifts the golden leaves into the air, forming a circle dance of wind and leaf.  For a moment, the swirling leaves become a golden cloak for an invisible Faerie queen before falling back down on the sparkling green grass.  The sighing breeze sings a lullaby to the sorrowful Maple tree.  Slowly, she drifts off to sleep, dreaming of Spring and newly budding leaves.


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