The Alchemy of Autumn

During the season of autumn, the air is cool and brisk. This is the time of year when the trees, with heartfelt sorrow, surrender their beautiful, dying leaves to the wind. The beauty of red, yellow, and golden leaves, as they sail and flutter in the wind like beautiful, small birds, can stop us in our tracks. Arresting our attention from the fretful worries of our mundane world, they can, for a time, awaken within us the hidden beauty of our own spirits as we commune with the beauty of nature.

If we allow it, autumn can be a time of spiritual transformation, of spiritual alchemy. We can let go of our own dying leaves of past suffering and failures, allowing the Creator Mother and Father to change the heavy, iron chains of our past into red, yellow, and golden leaves to be set free to fly upon the wind of our changing spirits.

How can we experience this autumn change, this renewing of our spirits? I have been told by the Faerie Folk that humanity needs to reconnect with Mother Earth and also with the rest of Creation. By doing this, we will find our Mother Earth to be a living being, just as is every other thing that lives, rests upon her soil, swims in her waters, or sails in her air.

Even the very moon, sun, and stars, will come alive for us. Perhaps we will learn to see the moon as our sister, the sun as our brother, and the stars as our loving aunts and uncles shining down upon us. Perhaps we will find our loving Mother and Father Creator dwelling not only in the heavens above us, but also on our beloved Mother Earth and among all of her children, for everything is alive with its own spirit and with the presence of Mother and Father Creator, even the very stones of the earth.

I have very recently been given an exercise by the Faerie Folk that will hopefully assist us in reconnecting with Creation, with our own spirits, and with the presence of Mother and Father Creator.

It was explained to me that, in order to connect with Creation, we need to become less full of ourselves, become invisible to ourselves, or, for a time, forget ourselves. The Faeries told me most humans do this all the time anyway. When we watch a movie or television show or read a book that deeply captures our attention, we tend to disappear during the time we are watching or reading. We tend to become part, or merge with, what is going on before our eyes. In a sense, we become just a pair of eyes taking in the action before us, an invisible spirit that weaves its way through the dream world we are currently caught up in. We forget for a time that our bodies, or we as independent selves, exist. For a time, we put ourselves aside to enter a world of make believe.  The Faerie thought that if we do this type of merging with mundane movies, tv, and books, why can we not also use these same techniques to merge with Creation?

The Faerie exercise of becoming invisible to yourself and merging with nature simply begins by going outside. While taking a walk or sitting still, try to quiet your fretful thoughts of the day. If those bothersome, gnat-like thoughts will not leave you alone, then try to distract yourself by filling up your mind and eyes and all of your senses with the beauty of nature around you. Feel the cool, autumn air upon your skin; feel the breeze, if any, tugging at your clothing. Look at the leaves of the trees as they flutter and spiral softly to the ground or are captured by the wind to fly away like startled birds. Notice the cool autumn air in your nostrils. Breathe in the smell of damp, autumn leaves. Listen to the crackling, shuffling noise your feet make as you walk through a thick carpet of fallen leaves. Hear the birds in the trees above you chatter among themselves as they observe your approach beneath their trees. Hold an autumn leaf in your hand, and study the texture and vein of the leaf, letting its jewel-like, golden colors  seep into your spirit.

In other words, let autumn’s beauty fill your spirit, so that you become absorbed into nature, so that you disappear and become invisible to yourself. With enough practice and commitment, you may be able to pick up more then you normally would with your five senses. You may begin to sense things beyond your five senses. You may, within your spirit, commune with the spirit of the trees around you or with the falling leaves swirling around you. Perhaps you will better sense the presence of animals that are all around you, but hidden from your view. It is even possible that you may begin to feel the presence of the hidden folk who are hiding in plain sight, the hidden folk who are also known as the Fair Folk. Even better, and much more wonderful, is that you begin to commune with the presence of Mother and Father Creator, who are also within the very fabric of Mother Earth.

It is the hope of the Faerie that we will all learn to reconnect to Mother Earth and all of her children, to all of Creation, and to the presence of the Creator, so that we can all become one family again, as healers and true children of Mother Earth and the Creator Mother and Father.

First published 9/29/11 on our previous blog.

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