A Magic Moment in Time

Sometimes we may find ourselves in an in-between place.  In this place, human noises fade to a low murmur, then disappear.  Breezes rattle leaves softly.  Bird songs become more lovely.  A crow cawing pauses, takes a breath, and begins to sing a low, lovely song that breaks your heart, as it touches your soul with its haunting melody.

Colors are brighter.  The sky is more blue.   The leaves and grass are a brighter green.  Standing still, you can feel the Earth hum beneath your feet.

A faerie passing by greets you with a wave.  Surprised, you wave back, and for a few moments, magic dances along your skin in the brisk, enchanted air, before you are pulled back into the mundane world.  Still, the faint touch of magic remains with you, like a hot spice lingering on your tongue.

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