Rainy Day Faeries

Outside, beneath the steady rain, a maple tree Dryad shakes her leafy hair, scattering crystal raindrops all about her. Smiling, she looks up between the crescent-shaped green and pink-tipped leaf blossoming branches, watching the raindrops fall.

Some doll-sized Brownies walk about holding leaf umbrellas, more as a novelty than from a desire to stay out of the rain. Other Brownies twirl beneath the raindrops, enjoying the feeling of the cool drops upon their skin and clothing.

Watching the Brownies dance, two male Gnomes discuss the topics of the day, as small, narrow streams of raindrops pour off the brims of their pointed hats. The rain soaks their long beards, clothing and boots, but the Gnomes seem to enjoy the Spring showers and take no notice of the wetness.

I, a typical human, take shelter from the rain inside the house, as the cat snores in her sleep upon my lap and the dog, pressed up hard against my side, makes tiny, happy, yipping noises in her dreams.