Where do the Faerie Folk Live?

Where do the Faerie Folk live?  Answer:  Everywhere . . . from remote forests and forgotten fields to within our human communities.

The Faerie Folk live in a dimension that runs parallel and is interwoven with our own.  Every day, we are in close proximity to each other.  We ignore the Faerie presence, just as they ignore ours. It is sort of an unspoken agreement we have between one another, between the Faerie and the Human.

This unspoken agreement may work for now, but this will change in the future, a future where we will need to work out our differences with the Faerie and learn to live in harmony with each other.  The time is quickly approaching when we will not only have to live in harmony with the Faerie, but also with Mother Earth and the rest of our cousins of Creation.

We are not alone.  The Faerie Folke live among us!