Friendly House Spirit

I would say every house has a house spirit of some sort. In older homes, the house spirit is more developed, more aware of herself.  You notice I said herself, as I believe most house spirits are female in nature, acting as a sort of benevolent den mother over the home – a loving grandmother who would bake cookies for you at the drop of a hat.  I am sure there are grandfatherly types of house spirits as well – I just have not encountered them as yet.

There are also a few malevolent house spirits out in the world. I know this because I grew up in a home inhabited by a malevolent female house spirit, who caused many problems for me during my childhood years.

For the most part, however, house spirits can be very kind and loving. I believe the nature or temperament of the house spirit derives from the history of the house. If, for much of the house’s existence, it was filled with love and light, then the house spirit will be motherly and welcoming. If the history of the house was filled with darkness and sorrow, then most likely (but not always), the house spirit will be dark and foreboding.

How does your house feel? If your house feels welcoming, keep filling it with light and love. If your house feels a little dark, try praying and smudging it with sage. Then fill it with lots of love and light. Hopefully that will brighten up your house spirit.