Your Hidden Roommates

Do you hear unusual or strange sounds in your home or office? If so, you might be dealing with a ghost.  On the other hand, the one haunting you may not actually be a ghost.  You may instead have faeries as your roommates!

Faerie folk can actually be good roommates. They can watch over you, your pets, and your house. If you think you may have faerie folk in your abode, as a peace offering, leave out overnight on your kitchen counter a piece of buttered bread or a bowl of cream or a glass of beer.

The faeries in your home don’t really need these things. It is just a traditional way of stating that you are open to the possibility of friendship with the faerie folk.  However, if you have cats or dogs who can reach your counter and might have a taste for bread or cream or beer, you may need to try another method of making faerie contact.  In that case, I suggest you just say out loud, “If there are any faeries living in my house, can we talk?”

Good luck on your possible faerie friendship!